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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Eeeeeasing back in

I'd just like to report a momentous occasion:

For the first time in months, when I got hungry at work my mental response was not "ooh, an excuse to get a candy bar" but "hrm, I should go downstairs and get a banana."

It's happening. Slowly but surely, it's all coming back. Thank GOD. Trying to get back into gear is exactly the same as getting into gear in the first place; it's just that the dumbkopf gland in the back of my head fervently believes that since I learned all this stuff already, I should be able to do it all again all at once. Nope!

I can, however, commit to wearing a pedometer every day. And then to getting to 10,000 steps every day. And then to drinking my daily dose of water. And then to eating granola and yogurt for breakfast instead of a bagel. And then to using the exercise bike every morning (and occasionally, while playing Katamari Damacy on the PS2). And then, to making better home-cooked dinners and buying proper groceries again.

It's hard. I hate to admit it, but I really got out of practice for a while there, and I haven't done anything hardcore since November. My Hub has a weakness for pizza, and when we got down to the last dregs of our pantry and freezer and were exhausted from packing, pizza seemed like a really good idea.

I did keep a few things going; we still walked across the Loop every morning and every evening, and we always took the stairs instead of the escalators, and I never went back to drinking full-sugar soda, and I haven't had any meat but seafood for months now. Small victories, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

I'm not measuring. I'm not counting. I'm not tracking. Strangely, this makes my Hub more likely to engage in making healthy food; I suspect because he's not under pressure to avoid making mistakes. It helps, too, that he's still exercising regurlarly, in order to-- as he puts it-- "be less tubby, or at least a tubby guy with great cardio."

And now, I have to go get that banana that's calling to me. Hunger is a harsh mistress.


  • dumbkopf, one of my favorite German words :) congrats on the banana thoughts!

    By Blogger Nicole, at 8:47 PM  

  • I am trying to maintain my weight and it is hard. If I didn’t journal my food I could see myself eating the whole angel food cake, all the bananas, a row of FF fig Newton’s, and a bag of Jelly Bellies because they are fat free. I could see myself eating a whole container of frosting because I was at goal weight and depressed.

    By Blogger iportion, at 5:41 PM  

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