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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some good things do happen.

I can now button a pair of pants that I couldn't button last week, and I appear to have lost a few pounds, so the fact that chewing exhausts me seems to be working out in spite of the few times that I've given up entirely and turned to ice cream for dinner. On the occasions that I do eat things that require chewing, it takes so long to chew them with my front-teeth-only technique (and, as I said, it's on the exhausting side) that I quit eating the moment I'm no longer hungry.

Dieting through oral surgery, folks. Nothin' like it.

I have, however, put together a comprehensive list in my PDA of all the foods and other items that we go through on a regular basis, including spices and cleaning supplies and toiletries and so forth. Next step: pricing all this stuff at our usual stores. I have to admit that I've never had a list of this nature before. Honestly, back when my Hub and I moved in together, I was boggled by the entire concept of having to figure out what groceries to buy so that we'd have things on hand to cook with. It's probably indicative of how far we've come, this list, because it's honestly what we use, and we have a pattern, and all of it. It's... nice.

My Hub has been eating granola for breakfast lately, having realized shortly after he started exercising that he should probably have actual fuel in his tummy before lunch. He keeps contemplating this out loud, the fact that he's been eating vegetarian chili for lunch and granola for breakfast. He says he's not complaining, just trying to work through this new reality in which he eats and enjoys such things, and exercises. Heh.

He's decided that TVP is a good thing, after being extremely suspicious of it early on, because-- and I quote-- "it makes this chili like the chili from Wendy's, and that's a good thing because chili from Wendy's is awesome." Hilarious.

It turns out that I have a knack for chili. It cannot be denied. Three different diet plans' worth of chili, and all of them have turned out great. I'm also capable of making very good tomato sauce. It's baffling. I will repeat the fact that these things are baffling, because nobody in my family knows how to make either of these things worth a damn.

My Hub intends to make beef stew, except with portabello mushrooms instead of beef. I am very much in favor of this.


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