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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Never say never

My Hub got up this morning before I woke up, and he did his session of C25K. He got done shortly after I got up, and came in all sweaty and glowing and proud of himself and oh, my. Sweaty manly man. Rawr. You know, he's always saying that I'm sexy when I get done exercising, and before today I thought he was just saying it to make me feel better. As of today, I believe him, because oh my goodness did I find him sexy.

My Hub is quite proud of himself, and I'm pretty damn proud of him, too. Yay!

In another surprising development, I made vegetarian chili for our week's meals, and my Hub tasted it and declared it to be "pretty freakin' tasty". For a man who scorned the chili I used to make because it had both meat and beans (apparently real chili, in his mind, is purely a meat-based product), this is astonishing. Granted, I also baked a lot of little loaves of French bread to go with it, as sort of a bribe, but apparently he likes the chili just for itself.

I also attempted a cake made with pureed sweet potato. It actually came out pretty well, albeit more along the texture of brownies than cake. When I told my Hub what I was baking, though, he just looked at me woefully and said, "I'm trying very hard to be supportive, you know that, but sweet potato cake is just plain wrong." He did, however, try it later and decided it was tasty. "I'm still not going to call it proper cake, because it's not. But it's good."

I was chatting with my Hub's ex-- who's still a friend of ours, it's a long story-- and mentioned the chili and the jogging. She just blinked at me in astonishment for a long moment, and then blurted, "What have you done to him?" It made me laugh like a crazy person, because, really, I haven't done anything to him. I'm just doing my thing and occasionally he decides that my thing looks like fun. (Okay, not so much "fun" as "it doesn't look as torturously hard as I thought it was, and maybe I could handle this, so I'll give it a shot".)

I will take this opportunity, however, to pump my fist in the air and say yesssss! I'm occasionally shallow and catty, and moments like this are prime moments for a bit of shallow, catty preening.

In tooth news, my mouth hurts. I will say that it's astonishing how much slower I eat when I'm having to chew carefully with my front teeth. It occurs to me that I might have something to learn from this experience, but at the moment I'm just so tired of the whole thing that I can't get around to learning a damn thing.


  • I think I'm in the same boat as your husband. I'm pretty much a meat guy, but vegetarian chili seems to always have better flavor to me!

    By Anonymous Will, at 10:38 AM  

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