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Friday, July 27, 2007

Green & Black's chocolate = SO DAMN GOOD

God bless her, DG brought me chocolate-- a bar of Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate. I made it one whole day before breaking off a few wee squares of it for testing purposes.

OMG. SO GOOD. ::dies:: I don't think I'll be able to face the idea of ordinary chocolate ever again. I mean, I have a serious weakness for designer chocolate already-- my love for Vosges is already documented, particularly because they do an annual batch of exotic chocolate bunnies for Easter-- but OH, MY, GOD. Orange and cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla and AWESOME DARK CHOCOLATE, all together; genius. It's so damn good. I have no words. Usually dark chocolate is an iffy prospect for me; I like it, but it's got that harsh edge. Here: NO HARSH EDGE. Or if there is one, it's disguised brilliantly with the twist of orange and the spices. It's like if God made some kind of dark-chocolate chai tea, only more awesome.

Seriously: best gift ever. I am aswoon. I have been picking at it very gingerly, because it's the only one I've got, but now I discover that lo, they are here in the U.S.! In fact, in Chicago! At Whole Foods! I am so happy. Not really eating it any faster (although I am now grudgingly sharing with my Hub), but still, YAY.

Note to DG: while you're in town, see if you can find some Vosges bars, particularly the Black Pearl. There's a boutique in the mall at 520 N. Michigan, and I know they have them at Macy's... if I'd known you were bringing tasty treats I would have arranged an exchange!! (Oh, and re: the other stuff we talked about, check Nordstrom's at 55 East Grand Avenue.)

Anyway, my point being, DG is so incredibly adorable. SO CUTE. I had a sign all set to wave in case we didn't recognize each other, but it turned out that we did just fine; she started waving from across the courtyard of our office building and my Hub said, "Is that her?"

"Who?" I was looking in the wrong direction.

He cranked me around to look right at her. "Her! There!"

At which point I shrieked a lot and we did a hilarious run to go hug each other on sight. It is always so wacky to meet internet buddies; there's this "OH MY GOD, IT'S YOU, YOU'RE REAL!" moment, then a "...and now what do we do? Christ, there's no editing function here" moment, then eventually things settle into a groove. DG was no exception to this.

I brought my Hub along on our brief tour of Millennium Park ("This is cool. This, also, is cool. Oh, and this. Um... that's all we know.") and then we hauled DG up into our building ("This is our office. Um, it has windows... and you can see down... there's the lake!") where we snuck into an empty section so that we could look out windows with impunity. Both my Hub and DG did an excellent sneak, complete with miming guns at the ready as they went through the door, and at that point I figured out that this was definitely going to go well. We also learned that midges, which I'd always assumed were some kind of Scottish gnat, are in fact EVIL BITEY THINGS which have gnawed the hell out of poor DG's ankle.

For lack of anything more intelligent to do, we hauled her back to our place, with a short drive past Wrigley Field ("they play baseball there, and stuff!"), where DG checked out the apartment and met our cats, one of whom had to be hauled out from under the couch because there had been construction noise outside all day and she was in full freak-out mode, poor thing. Then on to the famous home of the KILLER MARGARITAS, which had the entire sidewalk outside ripped off so we had to walk in the middle of traffic to get to the restaurant, and face down a construction crew, and pick our way through gravel and sand. We must EARN the right to drink there, it seemed.

Here's the thing: I don't go to this place a lot. I need an excuse, such as visitors (strangely, both times we've gone there this summer have been to hang out with visiting Australians), and in-between visitors I remember that the margaritas are awesome, and that they taste very good, but I forget that they sneak up on me mid-way through the smallest size and knock me for a mammoth loop. So I was very enthusiastic about going, but I forgot that I would get completely hammered off of one wee margarita. Happily, DG also got completely hammered off one margarita, so it is now my belief that it's not me, it's just that those margaritas are packed with some kind of super tequila with MAGICAL DRUNKY POWERS.

At this point, things got wacky. I could not stop talking long enough to remember to eat the tasty food I ordered, which I'm sure contributed mightily to my continuing lack of sobriety. I honestly wasn't trying to limit my food intake, I just COULD NOT SHUT UP. ::headdesk:: On the up side, we all got to see each other's driver's licenses, which is always good fun, particularly since my Hub's picture looks like a mug shot after being nabbed for drunken disorderly, and mine looks like I have scalped myself (the problem with cutting my own hair is that sometimes, I get carried away with the cutting part). And I got to see the historic "you rawk" train ticket! Very exciting.

We picked our way very carefully out of the restaurant ("Obstacles! Oh, obstacles!") and back to solid land, where we fed the meter and then wandered off in search of shops. Did not in fact go to any of the sex shops, but did go to The Alley and Beatnix and that sort of thing. Much wandering and pointing. I think DG took a picture of someone's house. I know (for I have seen proof) that a picture was taken of us giggling our way down the street. Huzzah!

By the time we found the car again, we drunkards were getting snoozy, so it was decided to drop DG off at her hotel. My Hub, who was driving (very wise), wanted to know where the place was, and we both said "W... it has the big W." He apparently did not find this to be helpful. (Earlier in the day I had actually typed "W" into Google and hit enter before realizing that no, that's not going to find the place for me.) We cruised down Lake Shore Drive instead with our eyes peeled for the giant W, and eventually found it. Looks like a very posh place; good deal for BlogHer folks! Sad farewells &etc.

I am so damn glad I got to meet this lady, and almost just as glad that my Hub got to meet her, because I've been talking about this visit non-stop ever since and it's great to have someone to babble at. She is everything you'd expect from her blog: sweet and hilarious and brilliant and bubbly and adorable. I am still all delighted. GOOD TIMES. Must meet her again, only next time I am going to make my Hub sad and leave him behind, and keep DG all to myself. HAHAHA.

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  • And get a cab so you can margarita with impunity. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:41 AM  

  • Actually, that's another note I forgot: must stay sober so that I talk less and listen more. :-)

    By Blogger Meg, at 10:53 AM  

  • oh megalicious. i had a fab time with you guys! and it was lovely to meet someone who's just as much of a cheap drunk!! hehehe.

    and i am sooo glad you liked the chocklit! i will definitely look out for the stuff you mentioned!!

    you are a lovely lass and even more wonderful in person and i really hope we can meet up again soonly :)


    By Blogger Shauna, at 4:54 PM  

  • Okay, I was inspired by you and a Whole Foods sale to try the GB Maya Gold. I think I lack the bitterness receptors that you have for "normal" chocolate. However, the point is that WF has a $1/off coupon in the college-days flyer good until 9/30, which brought the price down from $3 to $2.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 PM  

  • i was just reading this post again when i saw it linked on the sidebar. AWWW HAPPY MEMORIES :)

    By Blogger Shauna, at 1:33 PM  

  • I know! Oh, it was such a good time. Damn the exchange rate for the dollar; it'll be years until I'll manage to go see you in return!

    ...Oh, wait, years? I'd better start saving NOW, eh? ::runs off::

    By Blogger Meg, at 10:26 AM  

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