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Friday, March 24, 2006


When I get stressed, my eating goes all to hell. The other night, for the first time in a long time, I ate cheesy popcorn and ice cream for dinner. Shortly thereafter I remembered why I do not do that because (oh, the humanity) I had terrible gas throughout the rest of the night. Lovely.

I mention all of this because my eating is a pretty good barometer of just how stressed out I am. By such measurements, I was headed off the charts the other night.

The great Do We Or Don't We Move This Year Battle may-- I stress may have come to a close, with me as the marginal victor. My Hub is not pleased about this; he doesn't want to move and he's one of those laid-back dudes who doesn't really give a rat's ass what the place is like, as long as it's in a neighborhood he likes, has good train access, and has enough space for his stuff. Closet space and layout and good windows and water pressure and having enough electrical outlets are just things he'll work around if they're not up to snuff; they don't count enough to prompt him to move to find something better. This baffles me.

Anyway. Long story short, he's got the bit between his teeth now and he's started packing everything in the entire apartment. I was sort of afraid he was going to pack me. He was very cranky, but intent on proving that he was going to get behind this process, dammit.

He's in a better mood today, but oy, now I have to find a great place. I've got one place scheduled to look at tonight, and-- so far-- three tomorrow. I really want to get an apartment found before the end of the month. Happily, now is when all the listings are coming up for May, so that's good timing. Once we get a place nailed down, then I can start running down my list of utilities to change over and all that jazz, and the post-packing cleaning and so forth can happen, too. I don't like to leave much to chance where the deposit is concerned (another issue which my Hub disagrees with me on, but he's not going to stop me from filling in the nail-holes with spackle, dammit), and I'm hoping to keep the damage we're charged down to, well, the terrible things that our cats did to the blinds. (Cats and blinds are not good friends. Mental note: next apartment, protect blinds from cats immediately.)

So. Adventures on the way. Send good vibes and any prayers you have lying around


  • Good luck!

    Moving is pretty rough...

    Wishing you well.


    By Anonymous Kelly, at 1:11 PM  

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