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Thursday, August 04, 2005


I know I have no fashion sense. But the thing is, I know I have no fashion sense, and so I have worked my ass off to figure out what things flatter me and what look god-awful, and I try very hard not to be sucked in by things that tickle my fancy but make me look like I was vomited up by a large cat.

I seriously have to wonder if that's just another part of the "in remission" fat girl thing, because I keep seeing clothes out there that make me lapse into Valley Girl speak-- they are, like, totally heinous. There is a young lady in our office (and I'm now so shocked that I'm talking like my mother, good God) who is short, possessed of some good quality womanly hips, and also possessed of some kind of crazy demon that indicates that she should wear black skirts decorated with fluorescent orange and yellow patterns, and little shoes covered in sequins. To the OFFICE. Sweet funky hottentot, what the hell is up with that?

And I do realize that the 80s seem to be swinging through again (much to my dismay-- and if anyone sees over-permed hair with ultra-high-sprayed bangs again, tell me and I'll get in the bomb shelter until it's over), but there's also a woman in her 40s who dresses as though they never left. She's got the blue eye shadow, she's got the ultra-pink lipstick (AND SHE WEARS THEM EVERY DAY), she's got the bleached blonde permed hair, she's got the shoulder pads, she's got the weird belts. She is not a young-looking 40-ish. She is suffering from neck droop, and the neck is taking her chin with it.

Everyone else in the office seems to understand the concept of office fashion, with the exception of the one guy who burned my brains out the other day by wearing a fluorescent-orange polo shirt. These two chicks are killing me. MAKE IT STOP.

Also, I spotted leg warmers yesterday. And someone was wearing them. Oh dear God.

My Hub put me to bed at 9 PM last night. I tossed and turned. I took pills at 9:45. They must have worked, because when I fell asleep, I went hard. I had one of those epic dreams that actually had a plotline that went all the way through to a lovely conclusion, all sorts of espionage and reunions between long-lost siblings and danger and heartbreak. I enjoyed it immensely.

I finally remembered that I have this problem every year right around now. It's like extra allergies. I take Claritin all summer, but August hits and I get stuffy and drippy and sneezy anyway. It also throws me for a loop with sleeping because I'm not breathing right. D'oh! I should throw in some cold medicine. Mental note: buy some tonight.

I'm down three pounds from Sunday. ::wipes brow:: Excellent. I'm going to wait until next week-- late next week-- to try on my linen pants again. Linen pants, by the way, are an excellent way of gauging puff, because there is just no forgiveness there. I need to get the weight back down so that I can go shopping for more pants, because I am low on pants but I am NOT going shopping when there's the possibility that I might buy a larger size. Not going there. No.

I totally binged on iTunes yesterday. Downloaded $30 worth of 90s dance tunes; uploaded them to my wee iPod Shuffle last night. AHHHHH. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's run. INXS! MC Hammer! Yay!

Incidentally, I am currently in love with Romanian disco music. If any of you feel like it, go find O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei. It makes me bounce around like a madwoman. There's also a very funny homemade video of some teenaged kid lip-syncing to it floating about somewhere on the internet.

Good news: my Hub is poor this week, and can't countenance buying food or beer out of house to make himself feel better (he's also having a rough week; that is NOT the good news, poor boy). He is fending for himself, rather brilliantly. Apparently after he put me to bed last night, he baked brownies. Then he ate some. Then he hid the rest, as per our standing arrangement. I'm so proud of him I could pop.

I am out of Mike's Light. Boooo. However, I also have the day off tomorrow and can go grocery shopping. Yaaaay!

Okay. I promise I'll upload my recent recipes when I get home. Today is tuna noodle cassarole-- for both of us. My Hub packed lunch today and was determined to have both of us have the same thing, because having to choose between two different things at lunchtime makes him all perplexed.


  • Things like this amaze me. I mean you don't need to be a fashion guru to figure out there are some things you don't wear to work - eg. sequins. In fact, anything shiny really.

    I used to have to deal with a woman who worked in another office. She was renown for wearing leg warmers to work, and this was way back before the whole 80s revival thing. People would invent excuses to go down there so they could see it for themselves.

    By Blogger kathrynoh, at 6:38 PM  

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