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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Still on the horse

Couldn't sleep again for the longest time last night. This time it wasn't so much the overactive brain; no, first it was because I had "Come On Eileen" stuck in my head and then later I was just too damn warm. I was fine when my Hub was still off doing his late-night stuff, but when he came to bed he was not only blocking the air conditioner's lovely arctic breeze but his not inconsiderable body heat was radiating right at me. Eventually I stripped off my ancient worn-out t-shirt and flopped about on top of the covers in my skivvies. Of course that meant that I woke up in the middle of the night freezing to death. Body temperature is a fiendish thing.

So tired now. Bleah.

I am, however, bouncing back. I've kicked a lot of ass at work this week, and I did get my HIIT done yesterday after work, and I'm on my third day of eating purely on-plan. This of course has caused my Inner Cartman to conclude that three days of good behavior has not only made up for this weekend AND the weekend before, but has surely bought me enough wiggle-room for another episode of Carbs, Sugar and Fat, Oh My! The Inner Cartman is an idiot, but a persuasive one. Grrr.

Actually, this is a short one today. Very busy. Gotta go.


  • Too-ra loo-ra too-ra loo-rye-aye..

    now I have that song in my head, too.

    I've never thought of that little anti-diet voice as an inner cartman. it sure is stupid, yet demands a lot of attention, quite like the original cartman :)

    By Blogger Roly Poly Girl, at 8:25 PM  

  • Funny, I was just talking about the inner naysayer. Cartman is a good analogy.

    Keep on kicking ass!

    By Blogger Nikki, at 8:31 AM  

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