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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Day 5: Now With Guests and Free Food!

We have a friend coming over tonight for dinner. This was, I think, not the smartest idea in terms of stumbling our way through my first week on BFL, but it'll do. My Hub has surrendered the reins of dinner over to me, and a meal has been planned, and it's gonna be okay. I will even restrain myself and not fall face-first into the chips and cheese dip that our guest tells me that he's bringing. (Oh, the drama.)

The first of two back-to-back days of free food for company celebrations is over. I went, I stayed, I did not eat. I breathed in and out, recognized that I was twitchy because of all the people, recognized my urge to eat in order to normalize myself in the context of the situation, recognized that I wasn't hungry, and didn't eat. All is well. Tomorrow's shindig will be pretty easy to deal with, I think, because my Hub forgot to turn in his money for the food and so I got folks to agree that he could come along if I didn't eat. It's all good, as long as I remember that dude, I'm just not hungry.

It's good that there's a schedule for my eating. I really need to be trained on these things.

I was so sore from Tuesday's lower body session that my Hub had to give me a medicated rub-down when we got home. My ass, my quads, my hamstrings; sometime during the day it went from being proud proof that I'd done the work to "ow, shit, too sore to move". I didn't make the Fun Run, because it occurred to me that I should probably just let my poor muscles rest.

Worked the hell out of my upper body this morning. WOOOO! Although considering how I felt on Monday, I suspect that this whole thing is going to be an endless round of having one or the other half of my body be sore unless I figure out what I need to do to lessen the pain. Stretching? Yoga? This requires research.

My Hub came to the miraculous conclusion last night that he was going to have to start eating more than I was, if half my food was being eaten at meals he didn't take. Which is what I've been saying for days on end, but apparently a rumbly tummy alerted him where my yapping did not. That's my boy.

I snuck another peek at the scale this morning. I'm down three pounds from Sunday. My goodness, but I must have been bloaty.

Oh! And I got my bracelet! My shiny silver cuff bracelet engraved with "I AM WORTH THE TROUBLE". I'm all delighted. I'm wearing it now. I'm not really a jewelry person, but I love this. Hooray! It sort of matches my engagement ring and wedding ring, only this one is a promise to myself, not to my Hub. I'm even wearing the bracelet on my right wrist, so I have shiny on both sides-- and, symbolically, that's also awesome, because on the one side I have a promise to my other half, but on the other side I have a promise to me. It's like it balances out, and serves as a reminder that I have to balance between what I do for other people and for myself. Yay, symbolism!


  • Hi Meg - are you taking any supplements, particularly L-glutamine? It is an amino acid that assists in recovery, so you won't have quite as much soreness and your muscles will repair more quickly. I really like Nature's Best brand (of anything, because their quality is excellent) and it's really inexpensive through this site: http://www.supplementwholesaler.com/ProductDetail.asp?Product=1018

    Remember, you want to stay away from Pain Relievers like advil or tylenol because they can limit your muscle repair. Best thing is supplements, massage and easy stretching. And, of course, never re-train muscles that are still sore from your last workout! :)

    By Blogger amyella, at 6:01 PM  

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