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Friday, May 06, 2005

Crap, crap, crap.

Faced the music this morning. Up to 130 pounds-- 4.5 more than my steady weight from the past three weeks. Sonofabitch. I'm not going to rationalize any of that as water weight, either, because by all rights I should have gained last week. I always imagine my weight oscillating like a sine wave, with a nice average line sitting at the vertical axis and the amplitude from crest to trough as about five pounds. Granted, there are way too many factors going into the intake and output o' water, waste and whatnot for it to actually be a sine wave, but I like to think of it that way. The point being that I'm guessing my lucky weigh-in last week hit during a trough, and that I gained part of the 4.5 lbs. that week.

I very much doubt I weighed in during a crest period, because yeah, I deserve this one. Bad Meg. No Free Friday for me until I figure out how to make it stop at Friday. Oh well... not like we can afford it anyway.

Recent adventures in food have been of the good kind. Lunch yesterday was eaten out, as we had to go shopping for Mother's Day presents. I planned ahead and had an extra apple on hand (besides fruit for morning and afternoon snacks), and I toted along my bottle of water, so I could just grab a 12-piece veggie maki tray from the sushi stand while my Hub got the fish & chips dinner. (I'm such a cheap date.) I love grabbing lunch at places where they don't care what you do after you've paid at the counter; it makes my options so much more open. It also makes it much easier to annoint my food with whatever packets of diet-friendly flavorings from Minimus I have in my purse. (I'm not the only one who gets use out of that; my Hub demands that I carry packets of malt vinegar with me at all times so that he can use it any time he has fries. Heh.)

I ran out of Kashi yesterday and didn't get to the store last night, so this morning I had to forego my usual Kashi/yogurt/cranberries concoction and switch up to an impromptu EggBeaters omlette. YUM, by the way; I may have to start doing this more often. I make very inelegant omlettes-- a little too crusty on the outside, filling added at the wrong time (sorry, Alton Brown!), but they are tasty ones. Today I whisked a little dijon mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper into the EggBeaters, chopped up some olives, fresh spinach, and wilting scallions, and grabbed about an ounce of goat cheese (alas, I've been out of Laughing Cow Light for a while). Poured the EggBeaters into the heated & oil-spritzed pan, loosened up the edges a bit with my trusty spatula, distributed the olives and scallions evenly across the plane of wet eggstuff, put the goat cheese in as best I could (it does get sticky), threw the spinach in the middle, folded it over in half (hey, I said I was inelegant), and put it off the burner to fuse together a bit and let the spinach wilt. YUM. Mental note: get more EggBeaters.

This was a very tasty breakfast but it took me longer to make than my usual, so I was running about ten minutes behind schedule by the time I got my teeth brushed and the dishes thrown into the dishwasher. I almost skipped strength training this morning (abs, hamstrings, and quads) but I figured what the hell, I'll make up the time during the get-ready-for-work portion of the morning. So strength training, then yoga-- the third in my set, with yet another series of wacky differences from the one I've been doing the past few months. I've come to the conclusion that while it's well and good that I've loosened up my hamstrings, I am in serious need of loosening up my back and shoulders-- these "new" two DVDs focus a lot more on rotating around the spine and twisting and reaching and oh, how I suck at it. It's good that I'll be incorporating them into the schedule, though, since that means I'll get better at it! It worked for the hamstrings, no reason I can't improve the torso, too.

To add to the excitement, my Hub wasn't up yet-- I couldn't get him to wake up when I got out of bed, so I'd concluded he needed the sleep. Usually he wakes up on his own around 6:30, but not today (in spite of me whispering "Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP" in the direction of the bedroom around five to seven). I wrapped up yoga, rolled up my mat in a big hurry, and went to wake up the Hub. He promptly sat straight up in bed and said, "Oh shit, I wasn't awake to make lunch. I was going to make pasta."

"Get in the shower," I told him, "I'll put the pasta on."

I not only put the pasta on, but while the water was edging toward boiling I chopped up a romaine heart, the remains of the wilty scallions, and a cute little zucchini, soaked the romaine and poured off the water, ready to spin the remaining water off, whisked up a yogurt-and-curry dressing, and put the dressing in a cute little dispenser doohickey (the salad goes in a big plastic cup, and the dressing goes in a thingy at the top; when it's time to add dressing to salad you push on the top, the dressing squirts out on the salad, and you shake it up). My Hub came in at that poing and we did the tag-team handoff; while I showered, he got the sauce together, drained the pasta, spun the salad and tucked it into the plastic cup, packed up pasta and sauce and salad and grabbed bananas as the fruit. We are well lunched.

I must have gotten ready in record time. We weren't late at all, even with the amazing amount of time I spent in the kitchen. I feel like Superwoman-- all this and I still got my strength training and yoga in!

Today is going to kick my ass diet-wise even without going out for dinner, what with the omlette (and toast, oops) this morning, two snacks, and a lunch of pasta with meat sauce (oy, oy, oy, it's even ground beef and white pasta). Hellfire. I'm going to have to figure out something veggie-heavy for dinner. Happily, we are covered in vegetables at the moment so that won't be too hard.

I have also concluded that the Coup Chopsticks do not work well as a talisman, because they are not whip-out-and-use-able, and because it's just not comfortable to have chopsticks down the front of your shirt. I've relocated the CCs to my purse and have a substitute talisman hanging on a cord down my front-- a cord just long enough and a pendant heavy enough so that when I walk, it thumps around on my sternum just between my boobs. Close enough for jazz. I'm keeping a close eye on the free silver jewelry site today, and if any bracelets come up, I'm getting one for the specific purpose of being my new talisman. I want to see it, right there. Something I can touch to remind myself at difficult moments.

[Edit: Actually, the more I wear it, the more I like the new talisman. A bracelet would be nice, but it wouldn't call attention to itself the way this does, beating against my sternum as I walk like a nervous heartbeat. It's like it's my own guilty conscience at moments when I don't have one (which, really, is what I'm feeling when it's binge-time). Hrm. I might keep it. Might get a bracelet, too, what the hell. I do like jewelry.]

We'll see. The plan, she keeps a-changin'. In the meantime, I'm going to try assembling the candy calendar tonight, now that I've figured out where my supplies will come from, and if I do then I'll get a bag of candy on my grocery store run and get this thing operational this weekend. Eeee.


  • Sorry to hear about the gain this week. I'm in the same place. Damn but it's hard to get back on track after slipping, and I hadn't even made it to my goal weight yet. Good luck taking control again.

    Inspired by your coup chopsticks, I am wearing a coup bandaid on my tummy today. So far it's working pretty well--I passed by the candy bowl and didn't grab a mini-milky way, even though it's teensy tiny and so delicious, and I got myself a salad for lunch instead of going out for something else with a friend I ran into on the way to the salad.

    I like that it was a concious choice to put the bandaid on this morning, and it's helping me remember that I can made concious decisions about what I eat as well.

    By Blogger Noames, at 1:04 PM  

  • I am sorry about your weight gain, but from what I've been reading you seem to be very aware of why it happened and can loose it again to get back on track.

    By Blogger ms ralph, at 5:59 PM  

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