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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rarin' to go

Thing I have discovered about yogalates: OW, OW, I DID NOT KNOW I HAD THOSE MUSCLES. Oh, my achin' abs. I was describing the location of my aching muscles to my sister last night, she who had told me of the wonders of pilates in the past, and she started laughing because she knew exactly what I meant.

I've decided to go to the yoga class tonight, in spite of it being at 8:15. Hell with it; I'll figure out how to make my sleep schedule adjust. I want to take a yoga class from someone who can personally tell me what to do, dammit. My Hub has his lifting day today, so he'll do that while I'm a-yoga-ing.

Ooh, and I have a scheduled appointment for Wednesday for one of my two free sessions with the personal trainer, a lovely gal that I spoke to last night. The good thing is that I actually know what I want this time, and I have a lot more knowledge and know-how than the last time I encountered a personal trainer (a fitness assessment that did not go well). I'm looking forward to this. By God, if we've got a gym membership, I am going to use the HELL out of it.

Seriously, I feel like I've done a complete 180 on this topic since Sunday. MOTIVATION. It helps that in the midst of cleaning out one of our closets I found a box of all my awesome skinny clothes, and had a day of mourning for the fact that I could not put them on and prance about. First that, then the gym visit, and I'm in. That's it, that's the end, I am SO FUCKING DOING THIS. I'm heading down to my alma mater for a wacky reunion of sorts (a favorite professor is retiring and this has sparked a department-wide multi-year gathering) in April. Three months. I can do a lot in three months.

More, I just want to be Fitness!Meg. I have pretty much zero motivation for running, which is fine because I am not currently doing any of that. I do, however, have vast amounts of motivation for lifting weights, doing yoga, doing yogalates, and (when it warms up enough to use the pool) swimming. That's fine. This will be good.

I figure that between dinnertime and yoga time, I'll park myself at my new writing station. I am not going to figure out what to write, I'm just going to see what comes out, and noodle around with that. I've finally concluded that in writing, as well as in fitness, I just need to do what interests me, instead of what I think I should be doing, because a) it'll be more fun, b) it'll actually get done that way, and c) it usually works out just fine.

Random moment of love: I love Trader Joe's decaf chocolate-flavored tea. I do not think it tastes like chocolate, but it is warm and smells like vanilla and coconut and is strangely reminiscent of chocolate in a non-sweet way. I tried it with a splash of milk and with some stevia (still no sugar for this girl), and thought that was merely "eh". Plain, however, is very nice indeed. As I phase out the caffinated teas and enter the world of decaf tea, this sort of discovery is just plain awesome.

Oh, and in other random news: I've gone off on my annual January house-porn binge. Scouring the listings to see what's available in our area is a strange obsessive hobby of mine. I think at some time this year I'm going to clean up our credit reports and tidy our finances and see what sort of money we can qualify for in a mortgage. Yeah. Crazy.


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