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Monday, December 04, 2006

When I'm wrong I say it

Update on the clementines: at 11 AM, having been in the kitchen since 7:30 AM, the 5-lb box of clementines is half-gone. I admit it: I was wrong. I have the feeling that they may disappear by the end of the day.

That said, there has also been a fudge-type treat put out. It's going faster than the clementines, a lot faster. Then again, it has fewer servings than the box of clementines. Serving for serving, clementines may still win.

The moral of the story: people eat free food. Even if it's healthy, as long as "healthy" doesn't mean "vegetables". Even then... I'm remembering an NPR report on a school that started switching to a healthier lunch style, got rid of the vending machines, and offered free baggies of vegetables instead. The kids ate the vegetables. I hereby change the moreal of the story to: PEOPLE EAT FREE FOOD, as long as it is not disgusting. Prepare something right, and offer it for free, and they'll eat it.

I put the clementines out at a point where there was nobody else in the office, so nobody knows it was me. Which made it all the more entertaining that I went to the kitchen a few minutes ago for a water refill and found our receptionist in the lunchroom painstakingly peeling a clementine. "I've never had one of these before," she said. "Are they good?" I assured her that they were. So, hooray, free healthy food has convinced at least one person to try something new.

I don't have the cashflow to try this every day, so my ability to experiment further is limited. Someone else try this! Try it, and tell me how it worked! I gotta know.

[I am further considering making this a regular thing; the next time I do it, though, I'd put a mug up next to it with a sign asking for $0.50 donations in order to buy some more for the next day. If it works, it would mean that I would get quarters for my laundry. Hrm. Worth a thought.]



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