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Friday, November 10, 2006

One week, no sugar. WOO!

Okay, so I've heard (and said) the whole "baby steps" thing, but this may be the only time I've really got my head around it. (Come back a year from now and I may be saying the same thing again; I either have to re-learn every time or I learn something new every time.) One week into the no-sugar thing and I am okay. No candy, no cookies, no cake, no nothin'. I've given up the 100-calorie packs and left them for my Hub, but since he's on his own dietary kick I suspect they will be gathering dust on top of the fridge until one of us gets a craving.

Still on 100%-juice apple juice, just a 200mL box with small sips throughout the day. I'm not sure how good this is for me, but it beats the hell out of the sugar cravings so I'll take it. Eventually I'll get off of excess fruit sugars, or start watering my juice, or something.

I gotta do this now, though. Halloween was bad enough for office temptations, but I know from past history that if I don't get control of this now, I'm facing another four months of gifty candy and cookies sitting in the office kitchen just begging for me to eat them. Someone left a pile of Snickers bars in the kitchen yesterday-- seriously, A PILE OF SNICKERS BARS. I've never seen such a thing. They were the big ones, too, not the regular size or the cute little minis that are sold in bags. Today there are piles of nuts and chocolates, a gift from some client. It just keeps going, too; Halloween leftovers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas leftovers, Valentine's day. Madness.

My Hub has gone all suspicious when it comes to carbs, so we're on legumes, whole grains (although he has something against brown rice at the moment), fruit, and veggies. For the record, we need more veggies. I'm trying to train him to remember to bring the damn things for lunch-- and the hilarious thing there is that before starting his new health kick he brought veggies as a matter of course, but now that he's re-learning everything he has to re-learn that, too.

The new fun these days is trying to convince him to eat enough. He's at that wacky stage of learning where he knows enough about nutrition to be paranoid, but not quite enough to scout a clear path and be confident in his choices. His paranoia about carbs has led to him not getting enough, along with not getting enough calories, and he's been tired and in a weird mental state which, I must say, is hard on both of us. He's concluded that peas, corn, and black beans are acceptable forms of carbs, so I'm trying to feed him a bunch of those. We're going one food at a time. I'm working on the whole grain thing, which for some reason he accepts when it is part of a piece of bread but is very suspicious of when it's just a whole grain. Since my whole thing is "things in their natural state are vastly more likely to be part of a healthy diet than ANYTHING which has been processed", we are butting heads.

He can pull the waistband of his pants up to their proper position over his belly button, though. He's still buckling most things under his belly out of habit, but the time is fast approaching when we'll have to buy him some new pants and, very likely, they will have the waistband at his actual waist. It's a heck of a thing.

I managed to tweak my knee in some kind of evil way when I re-started weight training, so my lower body is out of commission for all kinds of anything this week. I forgot how much my triceps hate everything that I do to them.

It really feels like butting my head against a wall, especially considering that I've only gone down two pounds-- maybe-- in the past month. I'm trying to look at it from a whole-life perspective, though; our diet has improved drastically in six weeks, and the education of my Hub in all things nutritional means that this is becoming a shared hobby (for lack of a better term), which means that it's more likely to stay part of our lives in the long term. Improve life, and the body will follow suit. It's just kind of taking a while. I'm coming to terms with the idea that even if I end up just losing one pound a month, it's still the reverse of what I was doing before, and I feel a lot better.

I'm going to do another batch of pre-cook cookery this weekend. I need to find some recipes. The pre-prepared chicken stirfry continues to be a huge hit at our house, in terms of taste, quick prep time, and easy clean-up, so I believe another batch of those will be in order. Some form of easy stew, maybe; the weather is turning cold.


  • I just have to say that it is a terrific thing when you can share the "lifestyle" with your husband. I'm in that situation now after battling by myself for so long. My husband has lost 13kg. We are trying the low GI diet and are really happy with it. Thanks for all your great posts - they are a source of much encouragement and instruction.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 PM  

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