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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My mother alerted me to a way to remember which is which when it comes to cholesterol: HDL is "happy" and LDL is "lousy". For the first time, that information has stuck in my head for more than thirty seconds. All hail Mom!

Discussion with my parents on the subject of cholesterol has netted me the following information: yeah, it's genetic. (OH JOY.) My mother got it from her mother, and my dad got it from (I think) his mother, and so my sister and I have our cholesterol gun loaded by genetics from both sides. I realize it makes no sense to be peeved at my parents for having faulty genes, but still: argh.

So we're keeping an eye on that for pretty much forever into the future. I was planning on keeping to the current food policy for pretty much forever, but this has cemented it. I have two friends who are on cholesterol meds, both of whom are under 40, and I have no wish to join them. My cholesterol gun may be loaded, but I'm going to tip-toe around it like mad to keep it from going off. At least my Hub has gloriously low cholesterol, so our kids will at least get a fighting chance of avoiding this one, but ARGH.

I guess the thing is to keep shy of any other risk factors for heart disease and whatnot, not to mention keep my diet running along the lines that will avoid making my body produce too much cholesterol. I probably can't dodge this bullet, but I have hopes of being able to stay under the wire for as long as I can.

Oh, hell, not enough time to write a whole post. I'll try to get a proper one up once I'm home.


  • Meg

    From my understanding, exercise can play a key part in keeping cholestoral levels down so I think that you have that base well covered. I tend to be on the borderline with my cholestorol despite having tweaked my diet considerably over the years. I am a convert to using spreads in cooking that lower cholestorol absorption and have added nuts in moderation to my diet. I look forward to your longer post on this topic. Kind regards - Kathy from Oz.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 PM  

  • You know how whenever you go to the doctor, whatever particular symptom or condition you're experiencing is automatically blamed on your weight? Well, I have fantastic cholesterol numbers and always have. Why don't they attribute the good numbers to my weight? Bastards.

    By Blogger Mar!a, at 6:51 AM  

  • My mother's cholesterol numbers were through-the-roof bad. Even with medication. Mine was 239 last fall, before I started my Year of Living Healthfully.

    This fall? 70 points lower. I was thrilled! I don't think it's a given that you're doomed to have bad numbers as long as you exercise and eat right. And you're doing that anyway! Keep up the great work.

    By Blogger Debbi, at 7:44 AM  

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