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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For want of a shoulder a kingdom was lost

So, it's about as official as it can get without an actual doctor's appointment (our new insurance cards for the year have not arrived yet): I've tweaked my right rotator cuff something fierce. I got all excited about the new gym and even though I knew my shoulder had been being weird, I plunged in anyway.

Folks, this was dumb. I've spent the past several days re-working the way I deal with everything from putting on my coat to reaching for toilet paper. I've discovered that until further notice, I shouldn't be driving because turning the steering wheel hurts my shoulder, too. I've been learning the ways of getting things off higher shelves one-handed. Lesson learned: when shoulder hurts, do not attempt to work through the pain. PAIN GETS WORSE.

This is depressing. No yoga, no yogalates, no more personal training; for the time being I'm stuck doing all lower-body stuff. Worse, I'm limited in my choices of lower-body stuff, because I can't use barbells or dumbbells, and I can't support myself on all fours. SON OF A BITCH. I've grudgingly gone back to the machines, doing leg presses and calf raises and whatnot, and daily cardio on machines that do not use "the arms on (my) upper body" (as the wacky recumbant bike put it). Cardio is good; it supposedly gets blood flowing to the injury and helps things heal. We shall see. In the meantime, I'm grumpy. I want want want to be plunging headfirst into yoga and such, and to train with weights, and I am DENIED. This sucks.

I have not been eating the best. Still going without sugar and desserts, but all weekend I was craving stupid crunchy foods like chips and popcorn; I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm PMSing. I ate a fast-food meal from Wendy's and spent the rest of the day feeling nasty and bloated. Ick. No more of that.

My Hub is not helping on the food front, as he is on a bulking diet. Getting him to eat his vegetables is, shall we say, difficult; he's tired of eating so he tries to get as many calories per food as he can, without diving off the deep end into truly horrible foods. I've got him eating sweet potatoes on a regular basis, at least (cubed, roasted; God's perfect food), which means he's getting some nutrition besides protein. And I've converted him to spelt. It could be worse, you know?

Still sad. I'm doing my little exercises that are supposed to keep me from getting frozen shoulder, and once things stop hurting I guess I get to start rehabbing the damn shoulder with light weights. In the meantime, I am bereft of yoga. Waaaah!


  • Man, I hate it when injuries put you out of commission. My ankle has been hurting a bit lately. Part of me wants to just keep running through it, but then I read entries like this and think it's probably better to lay off it for awhile. I wish I could just pop in a replacement part like with a computer.

    By Anonymous pastaqueen, at 1:55 PM  

  • Damn.that sucks.That would be really frustrating to want to exercise and not really be able to.Hang in there :(

    By Blogger lisa jane, at 2:54 PM  

  • Oh damn that sucks. Whenever you get your doctor's advice, do whatever she tells you! I know you will be impatient to get back into it. The only thing I can think of in the meantime is the one-legged version of various lower body moves, which you could do without dumbbells. One-legged squats, one-legged deadlifts, etc. Those are so difficult and horrible you won't need additional weight. You might need to flail your arms for balance though...

    When I eat any fast food whatsoever, no matter how healthy a choice (such as 5ubway turkey breast on whole wheat no condiments) I instantly gain 2-5 pounds and hold it for 3 days. It's inexplicable but well documented.

    By Blogger M@rla, at 6:05 AM  

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