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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post-Personal-Trainer Update

Actually, the hell with that for a minute, I have to tell you the much more amazing story first.

My Hub and I went in different directions once we got to the gym tonight, I with the personal trainer and Hub off to the locker room to change. I didn't know what he was planning on doing for his cardio, or what floor he was going to be on, or anything. I didn't catch sight of him at any point while I was with the personal trainer, and once I was done, I still couldn't find him. I went to the locker room briefly so I could pee, and on the way back out this guy walked across my field of vision. Tall, medium weight, dark hair that was all spiky on top, good looking dude. I kind of glanced at him and then kept looking for my Hub.

It took a full thirty seconds to realize that wait, no, that guy was my Hub. His hair was dark with sweat, and he was wearing a different shirt than I'd expected (a t-shirt which, six months ago, was skin-tight on him and is now on the baggy-comfortable side), but mostly I just plain did not recognize him because this is the first time since he's lost weight that I just sort of ran into him somewhere, rather than knowing where he'd be in advance. It really smacked me upside the head that oh, my God, he looks so much different, and he looks great, and oh my GOD, I'm married to him!

Hell of a thing. Wow.

Anyway, about that session with the personal trainer.

Not bad. She totally went with what I was after: working with free weights and my own body weight, doing all these exercises that I already knew, but a bit differently. For instance: I've done ball squats before, but hadn't done them and then stopped in sitting position (AAAAAH); I've done lunges before, but not walking lunges, and especially not walking lunges with a little bouncing pause before going back up. And ow, ow, ow, abs.

So, meeting with her again Monday, and that's it for my freebies so that's probably it for my personal training. Which is fine. I will admit that I'm less apt to cheat with someone watching and counting and pushing me, although I am twice as likely to whine (and did so), but I think I'll be able to have my Hub do that for me.

I did discover that it's a great idea to watch myself in the mirror; I discovered that I have a tendency to drop my right shoulder, which I imagine has not been helpful. Mirrors are good. I can't make eye contact with myself, because it seems so forward, but hey, I'll take all this step by step.

Oh, and a bonus: WOMEN IN THE FREEWEIGHT AREA. HOT DAMN. Lifting real weights, too, and in general with better form than some of the guys. Some of the guys were clearly trying to start their January off by biting off more than they could chew; dude, if you are on a machine working your quads and the pads bounce off your shins at the top of each rep, something is wrong. The New Year's crowd pays off, I guess, because if I had to be a newbie in the gym at least I'm getting to be a newbie when there are more annoying newbies to distract from me.

I got to get a look at the hip-hop dance class and I am intrigued. Yet another thing that I want to try. I'm definitely taking the yogalates and yoga classes again. I wish the yoga classes were distributed throughout the week, instead of two days in a row, because I'd love to take yoga twice a week. Hell, I wish there was a morning yoga class; I'd totally go.

Anyway. Gotta go. Must wind down before sleeping.


  • That is a cute story,that might make for a funny sex game too!You pretend to be sweaty hotty and gym hubby pretend to be sweaty hunk at gym.....

    By Blogger lisa jane, at 10:16 PM  

  • You are hilarious. I was going to make the same comment that Lisa Jane made! You see how we are all looking out for you and inventing ways to spice up your marriage, whether you want us to or not.

    I know EXACTLY the exercises you are describing with the trainer; I used to do a Cathe workout called Legs and Glutes which I renamed The Cry Like a Little Girl Workout. Sheer horror, but man is it effective.

    Great work, can't wait to read more gym stories!

    By Blogger M@rla, at 5:30 AM  

  • I had the same experience with my hubby when he lost weight. We were at the grocery store and I couldn't find him for about 5 minutes...only to realize I had walked past him 3 times!

    By Blogger Lisa, at 6:32 AM  

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