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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Question asked, question answered

Tonight's experiment: can we really get full off a dinner that's mostly vegetables?

To answer that question, I roasted a big batch of broccoli, roasted a little pack of cherry tomatoes, then tossed it all with about two ounces of penne for each of us, a little of the starchy pasta water, and a bit of shredded parmesan cheese. (If I had remembered to use one of the little cubes of frozen basil, and a little cube of garlic, it would have been completely awesome, but I forgot that we had them for a crutial half-hour.) For what looked like a sad amount of pasta, the amount of veggies along with it made for a gigantic bowl of food for each of us. Now I am so full that I may have to unbutton my pants, which I hadn't expected.


Happily, it was also a taste sensation: roasted broccoli is much, much, much better than broccoli any other way, I am now in love with the peeled and sliced broccoli stems, and roasting the tomatoes makes them all kinds of tasty. The problem is that now I am too full to continue cooking, which is what my original plan was. Oops.

Also, another first: I have used beets in an actual recipe! Apple-beet slaw, one of two slaws I've made today (the other is carrot). I was clever enough to realize that beets are dangerous creatures and so I wore latex gloves to avoid looking like I had odd birthmarks on my hands. I did not, however, realize that grating the beets would mean that there would there would be stainy juice flying everywhere. My Hub came in mid-way through the process and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ, it's like a murder scene! Look at this. I can just see the forensic people analyzing the spatter pattern."

Good thing I don't like this shirt.

Today was the first batch of groceries purchased since my Hub started eyeing the concept of eating right, so there's a truly astonishing amount of vegetables in our fridge right now. There are greens, and swiss chard, and carrots, and parsnips, and green beans, and scallions, and oh fuck I forgot to buy potatoes and now we're entirely out of them (hell, hell, hell), oh well. Also had the aforementioned beets and cherry tomatoes and broccoli. Yeowza. I'm sort of startled at the amount of glorious stuff I can afford when I don't have to worry about making sure he has treats around. It also helps that there was a huge sale going on for whole chickens and pork tenderloins, two of our favorite meats to work with at the moment.

Our poor fridgie is stuffed to the gills. So am I. I've still got some kitchen projects planned for the night, though, so I must get up and maneuver back in there. Later!


  • yes i felt the same way after we went to the grocery store this week

    By Blogger Kiki, at 7:28 PM  

  • We are eating loads of salads lately because it is HOT here. But yay vegetables. I love parsnips. I love most veggies.

    By Blogger ms ralph, at 4:22 AM  

  • well done you AND the hub! :)

    (is the roasted broccoli on the Food Network site too? i've tried roasted cauliflower, which RAWKS, but not broccoli...)

    By Anonymous dietgirl, at 3:30 PM  

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