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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello, friends!

I was working on the first post for It's All About The Ass, the new political side o' my blogworld, but I got distracted by actual work. Oops. It'll be up soon.

The good news is that a friend of mine, after listening to me berate myself for the umpteenth time about how I really, really needed to start getting yoga into my schedule on a regular basis, set up a "tag" system. My exercise in the mornings is a given, but now I have to make sure that I do my wee bit of yoga in the evenings, first thing when I get home, so that I can "tag" her and then it's her turn in the morning to go bike riding. Apparently, since it's getting darker in the mornings now, she's going to look into getting a membership at the local gym-- something that she wouldn't have probably bothered with, without the "tag" game.

Holy cow. A friend of mine, doing exercise. The world may soon spin off its axis.

So, hooray, I have been doing yoga every evening for about five days now. Which is really, really good, because in the months since I was doing yoga three days a week I have really, really lost a lot of ground. Sigh.

Food has... not been good. It's been a bad couple of weeks, and I'm trying to drag my ass back on the wagon. The problem being that I'm trying like crazy to get our food budget under control, trying to go more with beans and rice and frozen veggies and trying to buy meat on sale, trying to convince my Hub to stay home for dinner on nights that he really just wants to go out.

The financial planner is convinced that we have more money than I think we have, and somewhere in there we got coaxed into getting disability insurance and opening Roth IRAs, both of which are things we needed, but... pete's sake, I have enough problems meeting the budget with the things we have in it now; add in another $300/month and my stress levels just do not go down. We have to do this; we need it, and frankly there's no reason in hell we should be spending so much per month on groceries and eating out. It just means more scrimping and saving and a long session in which we go over the budget with a fine-toothed comb to see what in the hell is going on.

The good news, I guess, is that we don't own a car... so it could be worse.

Speaking of walking, we walked all the way from our place to the zero point of the Chicago grid, downtown-- State and Madison. This, incidentally, is seven miles; our previous record for walking was about four and a half miles. Not bad. We're thinking of taking an extra set of clothes to work at some point-- with comfy shoes, of course-- and hiking home. It would have to be budgeted for, though, 'cause we'd need to eat dinner along the way.

Countdown to Serenity: two weeks, five days. Four, if you don't count today. Three, if you don't count September 30th. I like "two weeks, three days" much better, so there it will stay.

Do me a favor, everyone who doesn't already know Firefly: go rent or borrow the DVD set. It's less than a full season. It's a phenomenal show. I didn't get it when I saw the first few episodes on TV-- what I thought were the first few episodes, because apparently FOX decided at the last minute that their (PHENOMENAL) pilot episode wasn't what they wanted. Proof positive that FOX has some lunatics in charge, because when I finally saw that real pilot episode, it made a lot more sense and caught me right in the heart and gut. Got me cold.

Anyway. Need to call my folks. I'm trying to get everything back to normal, so I'll get back on tomorrow... and get that first post up at the Ass, too.


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