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Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh does

I don't think I've ever had a summer cold. I thought they were a myth. Bingo, I got one on Thursday and have had the inside of my head coated with cement ever since. I drain. I sneeze. I cough. I blow my nose. I occasionally get feverish. It's a three-ring circus in my head!

Mental note: just because I felt fine after I took meds on Saturday and got a good run in (although I did have some odd bits where I had to drop down to walking) does not mean that I would be able to do the same thing this morning. For one thing, I had a few hours to let the meds kick in on Saturday. Today I was on the treadmill five minutes after taking pills, which is not enough time for such miracles to occur. Optimistically, I warmed up and started running. Two minutes into this I discovered that I was having problems with getting enough oxygen through the ton of mucus in my head to power an actual run. Oho. Brought it back down to a walk, pronto. That was kind of scary.

Oh, and the kickass leg workout that I did yesterday has proven that it was, indeed, kickass. Quads and hamstrings and glutes started screaming at me yesterday around 9 PM, and this morning I nearly fell out of bed. Owwww. I'm so proud. I know, it's screwed up, but I'm so proud. I have an actual leg workout that a) I can get all the way through and b) makes my muscles work like crazy. These two things have rarely occurred at the same time. This is delightful. I'm particularly delighted about the hamstrings and glutes, since the only thing I changed up there was adding the Swiss-ball leg curls for the pump set, and going verrry slowly and carefully on the dead-lifts. Hooraaaaay!

But I hate being sick. ::sniffle:: I can't hear, I can't breathe, and I just want to be taken care of. Sadly, my Hub strained a muscle last week while doing some repair work so we're in competition for the title of Most Pitiful Spouse this week.

Speaking of my Hub, I was enthusing at him about my leg workout yesterday and telling him about what I still needed to work on so that I would have enough strength & flexibility to do a real squat (which, besides the exercise aspect, I want to have in my repertoire for future furniture moving and child-lifting). I said something about the tibialis anterior muscle and he got this odd look. "Say that again," he told me. I repeated it, this time pointing out the muscle in question because I figured it was a name he didn't know. He got this huge evil grin on his face and told me that it was terribly sexy when I talked like that. "When I say muscle names?" I asked. "Yes," he said, and grinned again.

Yet another reason to keep up on the weights. Bwahahahaha.

My Hub lifts no weights. He does, however, lift me. Originally this was a rehearsal thing for our wedding day, and back at the beginning I had to sit on a table so he could scoop me up without having to bend over. Lately he's been getting frighteningly good at sweeping me off my feet, though, and last night when I was too leg-sore and head-sick to get off the couch (well, I probably could have, but I was busy pouting) he pulled me to my feet and scooped me up and put me to bed. I would complain about him using this as a de facto way of winning arguments, but it's so cool.

Besides, who am I to complain about him getting some form of exercise? I've been making sure that any time he wants to do more walking, or lift things, or dance, or anything, that I'll go along with him. I am very much down with the idea of him getting incidental exercise.

Ohhhh, my head. Can I go home yet?


  • (Hugs)
    There is little worse than a summer cold. Well, as far as colds go. Winter bronchitis trumps a summer cold.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick, one reason I'm not too crazy about the idea of returning to daycare. Ack. Lots of germies.

    It must be so cool to be picked up. I haven't been picked up since before I was too young to remember. I'm not sure I hold out hope of ever being small enough for my hub to pick me up (he says I'd probably need to be about 150), but I would like to sit on his lap at least!

    Congrats on the great leg workout. That's kick ass :).

    By Anonymous Mae, at 5:48 PM  

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