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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Okay, you guys completely rock. Everyone who offered pointers on what to do with my not-enough-weight/hamstring/quad/sucking-at-the-squats problem: I love you. I adore you. I am so happy right now and I CANNOT WALK and I'm soooo happy!

I have abandoned swiss-ball-assisted squats in favor of lunges for my quads. In retrospect, of course I was dying on the quads (and getting nothing for my hamstrings) when I was doing squats and lunges; I hadn't thought that with my weight shifted forward, all I was doing on the lunges was working my quads, and with the squats before then, I was working my quads twice and my hamstrings barely at all. D'oh!

So, now I'm doing lunges, with step-ups for the pump set at the end, and then dumbbell dead-lifts with swiss-ball leg curls at the end. My hamstrings get just enough incidental work out of the lunges that the dead-lifts become challenging, even without more weight (and oh, the leg-curls are KILLER, I love them!), and my quads have gotten a hell of a workout from the lunges. Best part about the lunges: I had to drop down to about half the weight per dumbbell of what I was using for squats, which makes sense since I'm using one leg at a time instead of both at once. Which means I have room to grow again! Hot damn!

I would bounce around the room in delight if my legs worked. Oh my God, they're going to hurt tomorrow. WOW. Thank you so much, folks!


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