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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Peanut BUTTER (and other food adventures)

I may have mentioned (three or four times) the Just So Damn Wrong PB&J Noodles.

Further experiments occurred tonight.

I meant to wait until I had a chance to go buy dried strawberries from Trader Joe's. Or at least, you know, raisins (for which I merely have to go to the corner store). Instead, I got impatient and tried again tonight.

I think I did better with the yam noodles, although I still need to figure out just how long to frizzle them in a pan. Possibly the fact that I didn't add oil (considering that the yam noodles are calorie-free, this makes no sense, but habit is a strange thing) contributed to my lack of plans with this.

However, the sauce? Better'n Peanut Butter is born to make sauce, folks. Two tablespoons of B'nPB, nuked with a little water (about a tablespoon, I think), whisked together with a fork... yo, this is the best idea I've ever had. Perfection. I tossed the noodles with it and was well pleased. 100 calories, total. I really can't wait to have dried fruit on hand; I may never have a regular PB&J sandwich again. By comparison, it's nowhere near as filling-- this is warm, and it takes longer to eat because of the fork factor, and mmm. Peanutty.

Yes, I am insane. Look, I didn't put jelly on it this time, okay? Count your blessings!


  • Wait, so it's just noodles with peanut butter melted over it? And sometimes you add jelly? And it's only 100 calories? I think I need to know more. No, I DEFINITELY need to know more.

    If I've learned anything during this marathon, it's how much I love peanut butter. All other food has basically turned into a vehicle to hold more peanut butter. Because I need the protein. (If you believe that....)

    By Blogger Noames, at 10:12 AM  

  • LOL, well, it's slightly more complicated.

    1) The noodles are yam noodles-- those weird zero-calorie ones made
    from yam flour of some bizarre nature that you get at Asian markets. Okay, not yam per se... there's more information on it here.

    I still can't find the lovely Tofu Shirataki ones that Hungry Girl mentioned... but I
    really, really want to.

    2) I use Better'n Peanut Butter because, well, cheaper in calories,
    and by some bizarre fluke of nature it makes for very easy sauces. 100 cal for 2 tablespoons. I put it in a little bowl, add some water, nuke it for about 30 seconds, whisk it up with a fork, and adjust as needed to get it to a nice sauce consistancy.

    3) The noodles are odd to prepare-- you have to drain them, rinse the
    hell out of them 'cause they smell peculiar, then pat them dry, cut
    them up (because they're in REALLY long strands), and then sautee'
    them in a pan. Considering that they're zero cal, using some oil
    would probably be a good idea here; I didn't last night and they were okay, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with oil.

    4) I have tried jelly. I do not advise jelly. For one thing, it's
    cold, which is very strange in combination with the hot noodles and peanut sauce; for another thing, it MELTS! Oh, that was weird. I'm trying it with dried fruit next time. Probably strawberries, because I find PB&J with strawberry preserves to be pure heaven.

    I am so surprised that anyone else would even CONSIDER this. My Hub has been hiding his face in his hands every time I mention it-- he thinks I've run mad.

    By Blogger Meg, at 10:29 AM  

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