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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I have just come to some conclusions.

1) I think my digestion runs about a day behind my Hub's, because he was having dire issues with the pumpkin seeds on Wednesday, and I got them today, almost exactly has he had described (in graphic detail, as he is wont to do; why why WHY are males so fascinated with their own bodily functions?). Greeeeat.

2) When I was listing a bunch of active things that I'd used to love doing when I was a kid, never once did running come up. It's something I enjoy a bit now (and I'm getting new running shoes from my parents for my birthday-- got the check, just need to buy them!), but compared to dancing? Hell, no. Fuck it, I'm going to use a birthday gift certificate to get two cardio dance DVDs from Amazon.com.

3) For more than a year, I've had difficulty answering the question of what my hobbies are, and what I like, if I didn't refer to food. Kinda obsessed, eh? I'm happy to report that I can think of a BUNCH of things now. Dancing, video games, live wrestling events (not THAT kind, I mean the ones with the professional wrestlers who actually wrestle), water (oh God I'm thirsty all the time), goofing around with my Hub, playing with our cats, doing puzzles, reading books. And, of course, Veronica Mars, because it is a very damn good show. Hee.

4) I have now officially ordered the dance DVDs. I wish they were here NOW.

5) I am now drinking almost as much water by actual necessity/choice as I used to when I was keeping track of my water ounces on WeightWatchers. I'M THIRSTY, DAMMIT! Not to mention having to pee all the time. Ah, the joys of health.

I feel normal. Unbelievable. NORMAL.


  • Hi Meg. It is okay with me that you don't comment all the time because when you do, you really ROCK. Thanks again, and do you find the meds (zoloft) make you thirsty? I am finding this as a side-effect, but it can't be that bad to drink more water.

    By Blogger ms ralph, at 4:40 PM  

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