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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lots of stuff.

This has not been a very good week in terms of self-control.

However. Today things were very bad, emotionally, and a magical thing happened: I went with it. I didn't panic over feeling the way I was feeling and try to do anything to stop feeling that way. Usually when my husband gets into a bad mood of some sort I panic even more, willing to do anything to jolly him out of it; today it finally struck me that really he's got enough to deal with when he's in a bad mood without also having to deal with me panicking at him, so I stopped it. (When I told him this, he was so delighted that he picked me up in the middle of the street and kissed my head. It seems that he's been waiting for me to have this epiphany for quite some time.)

We were in bad moods. We had a sort of a fight. And yet, I didn't run mad with the temptation to do something, anything to fix these feelings; I just dealt, and was grumpy, and went forward from there. Brilliant!

In other news, I have purchased the best baking cookbook for couples who want to have baked goods around but don't need the leftovers: Small Batch Baking. We threw together a tiny batch of peanut butter cookies tonight-- eight of them, all for my husband, and I'm delighted because I get to cook with him (as the apprentice baker, he is in charge of keeping me company, measuring things, and handling the "radioactive materials" like peanut butter or chocolate chips) and because there are only eight cookies so he can go through them rapidly and there are no evil leftovers to hang around the apartment, endlessly tempting me. I only have to fight the temptation for one day instead of for a week or more.

And there are recipes for tiny cakes in there! I can make him little cakes for his birthday and not have to worry about having leftovers leering at me for the rest of the week! YAAAAY!


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