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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Four good days and most of another good day, and then I was cranky and crampy tonight and we're lacking fruit, and instead of doing what I knew I should do and go brush my teeth and wash my face and change into my pajamas, I did a fruitless (literally) search of the kitchen. My husband made sad noises about the lack of sweet stuff and that was all the excuse I needed: I got out the cookbook and made merengues. Along the way, of course, I snacked on bits of coconut and licked the beaters, and when the things came out of the oven I had about five of the dumb things, and when the second batch came out of the oven I had another one.

At that point, having put everything in the sink to soak, I forced myself out of the kitchen and went to do the personal clean-up routine. Then I recorded all the food from dinner and the merengathon in my PDA tracker. Not as big a hit as I thought it would be, but still-- there go about a third of my freebie calories for the week. Hell.

Once again, bad mood plus physical discomfort equals self-medication. I really need to take the financial hit and go buy fruit and veggies; we're out of frozen and canned fruit, and I find myself craving steamed veggies-- green beans and asparagus and snow peas and edamame and broccoli. And fresh fruit-- grapes and pineapple and pears and apples and berries, berries, berries. I must be getting desperate for spring. I'm also sort of losing it with being poor while we pay back our credit card debt; half of the money I had left this pay period got sucked down the drain by going to the doctor and getting a prescription, and I'm left without options. It's starting to chafe.

On the up side, the salsa-dancing DVD arrived oday and I got to take a look at it, try it out a little. That should be fun, if I can find a way to work the hubby into it gently enough. I also found out that there are free water-aerobic classes at the local pool this summer; if I can snag one of the slots, I'm in like Flynn. More activity in things I actually want to do... that's a very good thing.

New day tomorrow. Pick myself up, dust myself off...


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