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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two weeks, two days, still okay

The days are uneventful, except for my cat continuing to lock himself in cupboards (he figured out how to open them and go inside, but he's got an all-black coat, so when we find the open door we don't see him and so we latch it again... oops) and my Hub musing the prospect of cutting weight at some point in the future to show off his new muscles (I am so not looking forward to that).

Apparently the headhunter has found some job that might suit me. I'm supposed to go over today after work to chat. We'll see how that goes.

I can now squat 135, which means, hooray, I did three full sets with a 45-lb. plate on each side of the bar, looking like an honest-to-goodness weightlifter. I was so proud. I wish we'd had the camera (with camcorder function) along to witness this miraculous event, because it was just so awesome. My sister and I are planning to have me try squatting her when next we meet, which I suspect will mean that she will cling to my back like a monkey, rather than have me try to heft her up onto my shoulders somehow. When and if that occurs, my Hub swears to record the moment for posterity on video, the better to astonish my parents at Christmas. (Although, at this rate, who knows; it may BE Christmas by the time my sis and I get together again.)

This is a short post. Work has gone insane, almost to a literal degree.


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