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Sunday, January 06, 2008


First of all: go read Kate Harding's latest re: the new Weight Watchers ads. It's funny 'cause it's true. Also frustrating because it's true. [This hereby takes the place of a post that, really, nobody wanted to read, including me, and I was the one writing the damn thing.]

I've been doing a little housekeeping today. Cleaned up the links a bit, added to the "Essays and Rants" section, and added Amazon links to products I actually do own, use, love, and feel comfortable recommending (of which, apparently, there are... six?). So anyone wondering where I got started with mindfulness meditation, or dealing with perfectionism, or lifting weights, or deflating pimples (ha!), now you know. (And FYI, that pimple-deflating stuff does work. Not immediately, but overnight, to the point where I don't spend my whole day fighting the urge to pop the fucker and have it over with.)

Also: food!

One of the glories of going back through the old posts has been seeing stuff I cooked at one time or another. Particularly since it's after Christmas and New Year's, and we just this morning got rid of the last of the utter crap food in the house. By which I mean that after a few weeks of eating and being surrounded by utter crap food, lovely nutritious food starts to sound AWESOME.

So far, one previously forgotten recipe has reappeared: the pasta tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted broccoli, a bit of the reserved pasta water (starchy, ya know?), some dried rosemary and basil (we, er, got one of those adorable rosemary "Christmas tree"s from Trader Joe's and then forgot about it entirely when we went on vacation; didn't mention it to the friend who was coming in to feed the cats; it is technically alive but all the needles died so we had to strip them off to save the thing's life), and some goat cheese. The goat cheese is a new addition since last time, added because it sounded like it would go well, and because we got a log of goat cheese on Saturday and there's too much of it just for the two nights of salad that we have scheduled this week.

You know, when I mentioned this dish on my blog, I mentioned that it was soooo filling that I had to unbutton my pants and sit around on the couch all pooched out. And yet, this did not cause me to choose a small portion size for lunch. I remember thinking "well, this is mostly vegetables, so it's not like this is actually two cups of pasta" and... yeah, let this be a (pyrrhic) victory for inner cues vs. outer cues, because my dumb brain judged it on the outer cues 'cause I was hungry and then I ate it without paying enough attention and now I think I may die. My poor stomach is trying to figure out all the broccoli with all that pasta in the way. Ohhh, bad plan.

That said, I'm totally looking forward to having this ready-made for dinner tomorrow night. Monday nights are lousy cooking nights.

In other news, my poor Hub seems to be coming down with a cold or some other form of lousy crud. He has been dosed with those Zicam things AND Emergen-C AND oil of oregano capsules, so I'm hoping like crazy that the symptoms subside. I'm also taking Emergen-C and oil of oregano just in case because the nature of marriage makes it impossible for one partner to duck germs from the other partner.

Big post in the works; will probably be up tomorrow if I have a dull stretch at work. For the moment, go check out that link I mentioned.

ETA: Met friends for dinner. Got a Stilton burger (with roasted garlic and some great grainy mustard, if you are ever in Chicago GO TO GOOSE ISLAND), fries and a pint. Finished half of everything (to my Hub's delight, since he got the leftovers when I got home)-- a first for that place, but for once I was paying attention, so when I stopped being hungry I stopped eating... and, boom, perfect, it was beautiful, it's half an hour after I left and I'm comfortably full. Bonus: I may have been the slowest eater there, which I would say was a first, except for that time when DietGirl was in town and I talked so much I forgot I had food-- seriously, that never happens.

So that was cool.

The down side: it seemed like everyone else was discussing their new diets. One of my friends is doing, I swear to God I wish I was joking, a Good Housekeeping Soup Diet. It does, I believe, involve cabbage.

I was good. I said NOTHING. I breathed deeply and let go, albeit with a mental note that if I wanted to have a brain-exploding moment later, I'd do so on this blog. See, on the one hand, I'm kind of pleased that she's not doing Weight Watchers again, because since I'm the one who got her into WW in the first place that was continual itchy guilt for me. And since she was doing weird random diets before WW, at least that's nothing different. On the other hand: Cabbage. Soup. Diet. Oh God.


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