I Am That Girl Now

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm alive!

Just checking in swiftly to say I'm alive, the movers come tomorrow, we are in possession of keys to our new apartment, we sold the treadmill (it would never have worked out in the new apartment), have ordered a recumbent exercise bike, and have taken to jogging outside (together!!). The food situation has gone all to hell because we've been trying to eat everything left in the freezer and pantry, and considering that I buy food as if I'm expecting to have to hole up inside for six weeks, there was a large amount of stuff in the freezer and pantry.

However, the new apartment has a full-length mirror. This is key, because when there's a full-length mirror around I have no way of avoiding being truthful with myself about what my eating habits hath wrought.

Also good: no TV. No cable, anyway; we'll have extremely bad-assed internet connection but no cable, and amazingly we're both cool with this. And the place is on the third floor, and a bit further from the El, so that's another bit of exercise incorporated into the day.

Clean slate! Fresh start! Man, I am really looking forward to this. I promise that by May 1 I'll be posting about the New Plan and how things are going. Until then, love and hugs to all!

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